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like ok from the day she got on the hogwarts express, people were making fun of her and she’s never viewed as pretty or attractive until the moment in the first gif.

and because ron is fuckin jealous, he makes her feel like shit and ugh it’s like her one night of being someone else is just shattered and and and


I get really annoyed with people who are like “well she could have asked ron first instead of screaming at him to not use her as a last resort.”

well… no. She was asked by krum right away. She wanted to go with him. She wasn’t going alone and moaning that Ron hadn’t asked her. Her objection was to being treated like she should have been available to him, and being treated like she was lying about having a date. And who the fuck wouldn’t be offended by somebody thinking that they’re so undesirable that they made up a date?

this post actually made me almost cry no joke

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'Bones': Hitchcockian 200th episode is 'almost an origin story' - Zap2it | News & Features


"Bones" has revealed the premise for its milestone 200th episode, and it’s a twisty one — as befitting its primary influence, Alfred Hitchcock.
Executive producer Stephen Nathan tells TVLine that the episode, scheduled to air Dec. 11, will place Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz, who’s also directing) inside a Hitchcockian 1950s thriller. It’s not, however, an alternate reality: “It’s as if Booth and Brennan existed in this world — would they still get together?” Nathan tells the site.
Zap2it spoke with Nathan last week prior to the revelation of the 200th episode’s story, and while he remained tight-lipped about the premise, he did say the episode will come at the show’s world in a different way. “It’s our fictionalized version of the real ‘Bones’ world — almost an origin story, if you will,” he says.
Fans can also expect a lot of familiar faces in the episode.
"We’re going to have pretty much all of our interns. Unfortunately we can’t have everybody in because we have time and space constrictions, as well as monetary concerns, but we’re going to have as many people in this episode as we possibly can," Nathan tells Zap2it. "It’s really a love letter to the audience, to the fans who have kept us on the air for 10 years."
"Bones" airs at 8 p.m. ET/PT Thursdays on FOX.
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